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How do I get my Financial Aid refund?


Financial Aid Refunds

“Financial Aid refunds are delivered via whichever Bank Mobile refund preference you set up. If you are new to RRCC, you will receive a Bank Mobile Activation Kit in the mail soon after your admission application has been processed. Once received, you will need to choose a refund preference. For more information on the refunding process please visit the Refund Policy webpage. If you have additional questions, the Cashier's Office at 303-914-6222 or visit the Cashier’s window located on the Lakewood campus. (Please be sure to link “Refund Policy” to http://www.rrcc.edu/tuition/refund-policy).

Funds are delivered into your account to cover tuition and fees and any bookstore charges that are on your account. Should an account hold a credit balance after financial aid has disbursed, the Cashier’s Office will process a refund. Due to certain federal and state regulations, the delivery of funds into student accounts and the refund process are separate processes carried out by separate offices. To help prevent any delivery delays, make sure RRCC has your current contact information and address.  You can also update your contact information through The Rock.

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