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Do you offer condensed courses?


Condensed Courses

We do have condensed and late start courses available each semester that are held for less than the regular 15 week (Fall/Spring) or 10 week (Summer) term. Condensed courses cover the same amount of material in a shorter time frame.  Most of our transfer courses are offered for the regular 15 or 10 week term, but there are always some courses offered as late start classes for less than 15 or 10 week term for those students who were not able to start classes at the regular time.

Some of our career technical programs also offer courses that are less than 15 or 10 week term, but the length of time these courses are offered varies from program to program. Please visit our Class Schedules webpage for detailed information about classes and to find out exact start and end dates, as well as important dates and deadlines for each term.

Also visit our Scheduling Options, Accelerated and Weekend College webpages for information about other scheduling options.

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