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Do you have a concurrent enrollment program for high school students?


Concurrent Enrollment for High School Students

There are many opportunities at RRCC for high school students! Students are welcome to attend independently, or as part of a program sponsored by their local school district. The options are outlined below.

Learn about all high school programs:

High School - Take courses at your high school for both high school and college credit by RRCC-approved high school instructors. Tuition and fees are covered by the school district. 

Campus - Take classes with college students on campus at RRCC for both high school and college credit. Tuition may be covered by the school district, and textbooks and fees may be student’s responsibility. 

Independent Study - High school students are welcome to take college classes at RRCC without school district approval. Students should be aware that they will not qualify for most types of financial aid.

Students who are under 17 years old (and not participating in Concurrent Enrollment) will need to fulfill college-level assessment requirements and fill out an underage waiver application. High school students older than 17 can follow the standard RRCC enrollment process.

Career Pathways - At our campuses, high school students can participate in Career and Technical Education programs in addition to our regular degree and certificate programs.  Most programs are held on campus at RRCC.

High School Relations - Please visit our webpage for more details about our High School Relations Office. The office can provide advice and guidance on college courses you can take during high school and after graduation.


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