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Do you have a student code of conduct?


Student Code of Conduct

Red Rocks Community College has a student code of conduct document that RRCC students are expected to follow. The code of conduct includes information on students’ rights, freedoms, and responsibilities. It also includes information on violations of rights and freedoms (conduct which violates student rights and freedoms is subject to disciplinary action). In addition, there is information about the student disciplinary and judicial procedures along with student grievance procedures.

The student code of conduct can be found in the RRCC Student Handbook. In the handbook, you can find detailed information about many of the following items: The Student Code of Conduct, Academic Dishonesty, Student Rights and Responsibilities, Student Activities, Student Clubs, Student Government, Student Services Policies and Procedures, and Campus Safety. 

For further information about the student code of conduct, contact the Vice President for Student Success.

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