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How do I withdraw from all my classes?


Withdrawing from all classes

If you are thinking about withdrawing from all your courses, please visit our Total Withdrawal from All Classes at RRCC webpage.  You will find helpful information and available options. You may also contact Admissions at 303-914-6348.

How do I add/drop/withdraw from a course?
You can add/drop or withdraw from a course through The Rock portal.  Visit our Course Registration How to Guide for step by step instructions: For more information regarding the difference between drop and withdraw, see below. 

What is the difference between “Dropping” or "Withdrawing" from a course?  Follow this link to the "Registration Frequently Asked Questions"

Drop - If you drop a class before the drop date you are not responsible for payment, and you will not lose College Opportunity Fund (COF) credits. Additionally, a dropped course will not be visible on your permanent student record.

Withdraw - You can withdraw between the drop and withdrawal dates without affecting your grade point average. However, if you withdraw from a class you will be responsible for full payment and you will lose COF credits.

NOTICE: To drop a class, you must do so by the drop date for that class. Classes dropped after the drop date results in a “W” grade and are considered a withdrawal. You will also be responsible for full payment of the class.

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