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How do I change my name at RRCC?


Name Change

If you have legally changed your name, proceed to Student Records and fill out a name change form. This will update your name in RRCC systems and through the Colorado Community College System. If you completed a FAFSA, your birth name will remain on that information as there is no way to change it. This is something to keep in mind when working with Financial Aid.

You will need to have your name changed  in Human Resources if you have ever worked for RRCC: employee,  work study, student hourly.  They will only change your name if
you bring in your social security card showing the new name.  Also bring a legally issued Picture ID, like a driver’s license.

If you haven’t legally changed your name, but go by a name different from that listed on your instructor’s roster, you may consider e-mailing them before classes begin to let them know what your preferred name is. While names cannot be changed in D2L without an official name change, your internal D2L e-mail (username) can be updated by contacting Jon Johnson at Jon.Johnson@rrcc.edu.

If you are a trans* student and wish to change your preferred name in D2L, please complete the form here http://www.rrcc.edu/glbt-resource-center and return it to Room 1254 or e-mail it to jen.macken@rrcc.edu.

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