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Do you offer any college preparatory classes?


College Preparatory Classes

Strengthen your skills at Red Rocks Community College by taking our College Preparatory Classes. We have more than one route for you to achieve success.

RRCC classroom options

Options include taking a college preparatory class at RRCC. Your Accuplacer test scores will indicate your current level of skills and knowledge and help you to know which prep class to take.

The Learning Collaborative

The Learning Collaborative (TLC) is a partnership between RRCC and The Learning Source. The Learning Source is now located at the RRCC Lakewood campus. TLC will prepare you to retake the Accuplacer test, which will determine your placement into RRCC classes. This option works best for students whose scores on the Accuplacer test require additional skill building in math, reading, and writing.

Information: 303-914-6739 or 303-914-6571.

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