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What is 'Ask the Fox'?


Ask the Fox


Hello! I'm the Fox, and I am the online Red Rocks spokesperson, here to answer all your questions about our institution. I'm what they call a "virtual agent", in that I'm not a real person like you, but an automated agent powered by a patented answer system.

You can almost think of me as the younger sibling to R2C2, the Red Rocks mascot - he's better looking, but I talk with students a lot more.

PS - Don't forget to check the right hand window, just below the Top 10 Questions! Depending on your question, I may bring up pages there which I think you might be interested in!


What types of questions can I ask you?

Questions that embody a distinct idea in a single, well-formed sentence are the easiest for me to answer, and I'm designed to answer any questions you might have about our school and the services we provide for our students.  I know a lot and will do my best to help you, but if your question is highly specific, members of our courteous Red Rocks faculty and staff may be better qualified to answer it.  Don't be shy!  If I'm asked a question that I can't answer right away, I'll remember it - and I may have an answer for it in the future!


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