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What is Work-Study?


Work Study

Work Study is a federal and state funded program allowing eligible students to earn a portion of their financial aid assistance by working in part time positions on campus.  For more information please visit our Financial Aid Work Study webpage.

Work study job announcements are posted at http://jobs.rrcc.edu/student-employment. You must be offered a work-study award before you can apply for a work-study job. Most awards are given to students who fill out a FAFSA by the March 1st priority consideration date. If you are not eligible for work-study but are enrolled in at least six credit hours, you are eligible to work as a ‘student-hourly employee.

There is also a waitlist available for students who have not been awarded work-study but are interested in a work-study position. Email Financial Aid to be placed on this list.Please visit our Work Study & Student Hourly Employment page to learn more about the work-study program and about student-hourly employment..

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