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Am I permitted to smoke on campus?


Smoking on Campus

Smoking is prohibited in all College buildings as directed by the Governor’s Executive Order D0036 90. Smoking is also prohibited within 25 feet of doorways and buildings, and is therefore prohibited at all doorway entrances. Specified outdoor smoking areas have been designated on the Lakewood Campus. There are no specific smoking areas at the Arvada Campus, however, as stated above, smoking is allowed only in locations that are at least 25 feet from doorways and buildings.

Smoking, for the purposes of this policy, shall include the use of e-cigarettes, electronic vaping devices, personalvaporizers, electronic nicotine delivery systems, or other such devices that vaporize substances to simulate smoking.

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The Campus Police Department is charged with enforcing this regulation and will ask smokers to move to a designated smoking/tobacco use areas. Please use appropriate smoking receptacles (not sidewalks or trash bins) for extinguishing cigarettes and personal receptacles (water bottles, cans, cups) for disposing of other non-smoking tobacco waste, such as chew.

For more information please see the Student Handbook.

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