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How do I establish residency?


Establishing Residency

You are classified as a Colorado resident or non-resident for tuition purposes based on the information you provide on your admissions application. By law, an "in-state" student, or student's parents, must be domiciled in Colorado for 12 or more continuous months immediately preceding the first day of classes.

To request a change to resident status, complete the Petition for In-State Tuition Classification form for in-state status from the Admissions Office or online. The Colorado Higher Education Residency Guide can be accessed online.

Students under 23 whose parents live out of state cannot qualify for Colorado residency unless they are emancipated minors. A notarized emancipation form must be completed and returned for petition to be evaluated

Married students under 23 do not need to file an emancipation form but must attach a copy of the marriage certificate.

Deadlines for submission of the petition are published each semester in the current class schedule. Petitions received after the deadline will not be considered until the following semester.  Also see the current academic year catalog.

Changes in classification become effective at the time of your next registration. The final decision regarding tuition status is determined by the Director of Enrollment Services.

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