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How do I drop or withdraw from a class?


To drop or withdraw from a class:

  1. Go to www.rrcc.edu
  2. Click on "The Rock"
  3. Enter your Student Number
  4. Enter your password
  5. Click on the Student tab
  6. Under Registration Tools, click on Add or Drop Classes
  7. Select the appropriate term, and click Submit
  8. Follow directions at the top of the page.
  9. When you are done, close the Course Schedule Detail tab on your browser. This will return you to the Student tab on “The Rock."

NOTICE: To drop a class, you must do so by the drop date for that class. Classes dropped after the drop date result in a “W” grade and are considered a withdraw. You will also be responsible for full payment of the class.

Do not assume you have been dropped from a class for missing payment deadlines.

You are responsible for dropping a class before the drop/refund date or you will be responsible for full payment. If you do not attend any class sessions between the start of the course and the census (drop) date of the course, you may be identified as a "no-show" student by the faculty member and potentially dropped from the course. Being dropped as a no-show student can have significant negative consequences if you are receiving financial aid and/or veterans benefits. If you are dropped for non-attendance, you will not be permitted back into the course.

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