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Do you have a required high school GPA?


Required High School GPA

RRCC does not have a minimum high school GPA requirement for general admissions. Our mission, as a community college, is to provide access to education for anyone desiring to further their schooling, and a person’s GPA at a former institution or in high school will not prevent a person from attending RRCC.

We do require students to take an Accuplacer Assessment placement test, to be placed in the correct level of Reading, English, and Math courses. There are certain instances where students qualify for an exemption to these placement tests.

A student can have their former high school send us your official transcripts or you may hand carry them to our Assessment Center located at the Lakewood Campus. You may also request SAT or ACT to submit your scores.

Also you may get credit for Prior Learning (CLEP). For more information please visit our Credit for Prior Learning  webpage. You can also find additional information at The College Board CLEP website.

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