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How do I become an independent student?


Independent Status

Even if you do not live at home or receive regular support from a parent or parents, the Department of Education considers you to be Dependent on them for assistance with your college funding until the year you reach age 24. This means that on your FAFSA, you must include parent information and a parent signature PIN up until the year you apply when your birth year matches the date on the FAFSA to be declared Independent. If you are under 24, there are only a few very specific exceptions to be able to be Independent: If you are married at the time you file your FAFSA. If you have a child or other dependents who receive more than 50% of their financial support from you. If you are a veteran or active duty in the military. If you were ever declared a ward of the court, or if your parents are both deceased. If you were in legal guardianship before the age of 18 or in foster care after the age of 13. If you are a homeless, unaccompanied youth. If you do not fit any of the above criteria, but feel that you have extenuating circumstances, please contact Financial Aid.

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