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Where can I learn more about available scholarships?


RRCC Foundation and Scholarships

RRCC’s Financial Aid Office compiles and regularly updates a list of available scholarship opportunities.  The Red Rocks Community College Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to supporting Red Rocks Community College in its commitment to students, learning, and excellence. The Foundation provides more than $500,000 in support to the College each year. Funds are provided for the following programs: Scholarships, Mini-grants, Professional Development and the Teaching Chair awards.

The Foundation has one general application that all applicants must fill out (usually it is available mid-January and has a June 1st deadline).  Applicants do not apply to specific scholarships.  Applicants simply fill out the application form and the Foundation will match them using various scholarship criteria.  The applicants don’t have to make multiple applications or even try and make a decision on whether they are eligible and for what.  The Foundation does all of that for the applicant!

The Red Rocks Community College Foundation was established in 1993 with the vision of addressing the financial barrier by helping students of all income levels have access to higher education. Now more than two decades later, the Foundation has awarded in excess of $3.7 million in scholarships and $3.4 million for other RRCC programs. Scholarship support alone has assisted nearly 2,500 students in meeting their educational and life goals.

For additional scholarship information, please visit our Financial Aid Scholarships webpage.

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